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Register as a patient

Register as a patient

If you live in Delft and need to see a doctor at the Student Health Practice, you should:

First register as a patient (you can complete the registration form online below) After 2 days, the registration is official and you can make an appointment by phone. If your medical needs are more urgent you can call us and consult with the assistant.

If you are a new patiënt coming to your GP appointment for the first time, please arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than your appointment time to ensure your registration is complete"!

You should bring the following with you to your first appointment:

o   A form of identification (passport, driverís license or a government-issued ID)

o   Your proof of insurance/card with valid dates

Furthermore, you can also indicate whether or not your medical information may be shared with others (emergency room, hospital or pharmacy). Information about this can be found at