Gezondheid en zorg

Make an appointment with the GP


  • If you want to visit the doctor, please fill out (if not allready done) the online registration form 2 days before your appointment. 
  • If you are a new patient coming to your GP appointment for the first time, please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time to ensure your registration is complete? 
  • You can visit the doctor (General Practioner) after making an appointment (by phone (015-7999050 option 8 for English and then option 4).
  • Consultations are at location Kampveld 10A
  • A single appointment takes 10 minutes and is meant to discuss one complaint. Tell the assistant if you think you need a double appointment in case of psychological problems, multiple or complex complaints.
  • Always take your ID with you to the appointment.
  • The costs of the consultation should be payed directly.
  • If you have an insurance you can ask your insurance company for reimbursement.

Make an appointment online

It's also possible to schedule an appointment online through How to do this you can find on our website. Click here.

If you don't come to your appointment without cancelling 24 hours in advance you'll receive an invoice of 10,- per 10 minutes.

What to bring

  • Always take your ID card and insurance papers with you.
  • The costs of a consult depend on the what kind of consultation it is and how much time it takes. 
  • This costs should be payed directly at the reception. You can pay by debit or creditcard.
  • If you have an insurance, you should send the bill to them and they wille refund you the money.