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Certificate for study delay due to illness

In this medical statement your ability to studie during a period of illness is recorded. The statement is drawn up by the student doctor on the basis of information from your attending doctor.

How do I request a medical statement?

Medical certificates may be required if you want to submit a request for additional student finance because of delay due to illness.

Your student counselor will refer you to the SGZ student docter if you need a medical certificate. You can make an appointment with the student doctor by phone. 

When making an appointment for statements necessary for postponement of the BSA or MoMi, make sure that you schedule the appointment in time, so that the statement can be handed in on time. We use the following dates as the latest appointment dates:


April 1, 2024 (BSA committee deadline: April 10, 2024)

June 3, 2024 (BSA committee deadline: June 14, 2024)

July 29, 2024 (BSA comittee deadline: August 8, 2024


August 9, 2024 (MoMi committee deadline: August 31, 2024)

What do I bring along?

The medical statement is drawn up on the basis of information from your attending physician. It is advisable to ask your practitioner before you come to appointment with the student doctor whether he would like to write/print a report of your period of illness. You can then bring it with you to the interview.

Sometimes this turns out to be difficult. The student doctor will then submit a request for information to your practitioner with your permission.

It's also helpfull to already think about the impact of your illness on your study capacity.

What are the costs?

There are no costs associated with getting the medical statement for TU students. A referral from the study advisor or student counselor is required.