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Insurance Information

Geplaatst op 20-01-2021

Since 2020 a new insurance was introduced by TU Delft, "Insure To Study". 

This is an insurance being used by a lot of international students now.
Another commonly used insurance is OOM.

With OOM we have an agreement to send them the bills right away and they will refund us.

With "Insure To Study" we don't have this agreement and all costs should be paid by the patient first and can be requested back from the insurance afterwards.

Insure To Study

"Insure To Study" offers different types of insurance. Make sure that you have the right package and that your GP costs are covered.

For coverage of medical expenses you need the "Master Plan". If you already have a medical condition and you expect to incur a lot of medical expenses from it during your stay in the Netherlands, you wil need "Master Plan+".

The "Basic Plan" doesn't cover medical expenses.

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