Gezondheid en zorg

Make an appointment with the GP


  • If you want to visit the doctor, please fill out (if not allready done) the online registration form before your appointment. 
  • You can visit the doctor (General Practioner) after making an appointment (by phone (015-7999050), online or without appointment during the walk-in-hour. 
  • Consultations are at location Kampveld 10A or Kanaalweg 4. Remember the place where you book your appointment.
  • A single appointment takes 10 minutes and is meant to discuss one complaint. Tell the assistant if you think you need a double appointment in case of multiple or complex complaints.


Please fill out the online registration form beforehand

  • The open consultation hour is meant for small complaints (5-10 minutes). If you have longer lasting problems or multiple complaints we recommend to make an appointment.
  • There is a daily walk-in-hour hour (no appointment necessary) from Monday till Friday between 11.00 and 11.45 at the location: Kampveld 10a. 
  • The waiting time during the open consultation hours can differ strongly, depending on the amount of visitors. In general there is a maximum of 10 consults during the open consultation hour. Students arriving later without an emergency will get an appointment in the afternoon or next day.

Any (temporary) change in time or location can be found in the newscolumn.

If you don't come to your appointment without cancelling in advance you'll receive a bill of 10,-.

What to bring

  • Please take your insurance card (and insurance papersi f you are insured by AON) and ID card with you, when you visit the doctor.
  • The costs of a consult with appointment or during the walk-in-hours are 28.19 euro. Depending on your insurance you should pay directly at the reception or the bill will be send to the insurance company. You can pay by card (VISA is not accepted) or by cash.


  • There are a limited number of online appointments available. If there are no available appoinments, you can always make an appointment by phone (015-7999050) 
  • To make an appointment online: Enter your name, date of birth and phone number, after that you can select the doctor you want to have an appointment with and schedule it for a specific date and time.
  • You don't see or recieve any confirmation of the time and the place of your appointment at the end of your booking. Please remember it or write it down.